Christmas Party
                 New Year Celebration
A Party for Any Occasion

 Bar set up includes domestic & imported cheese served with dry & fresh fruit over assorted breads

Fancy assorted greens salad served with marinated cranberry, candy pecans, sliced green apple & coat farmer cheese over balsamic dressing
Spanakopita served with herb creamy sauce
Our special marinated grilled vegetables (asparagus, organic carrots, red onions, portabella mushrooms & assorted peppers garnished with basil & balsamic reduction
Olives tapends & bruschetta served with herb crostini & fresh bread
Platter marinated beef tenderloin served with horseradish & granny mustard sauce over assorted rolls & whipped butter
Marinated hot smoked Alaskan salmon served with dill toppings, cucumber salsa & tangerine honey mustard sauce
Chicken Kabob served with special chef choice of sauce

Special display of chocolate fountain (strawberry, pineapple & sponge cake)

Mini assorted French & Italian pastry
Decaf & regular coffee

Spicy Brazilian lamb served with chimichuri sauce
Vegetable spring rolls served with duck sauce
Pigs in the blanket served with New York deli mustard sauce


heart of the Roman & Iceberg lettuce served in the Boston cup over candy pecan, marinated cranberry, orange tangerine & raspberry vinegar

Chicken picata served with lemon sauce over caramelized garlic infused whipped potatoes, asparagus, carrots & grape tomatoes

Grilled Portabella mushroom served with carrots, asparagus, caramelized garlic infused whipped potatoes over red pepper sauce

Onion Popeye seed rolls, French, raisin walnut, and 5 Grand bread

Chocolate cup served with pastry cream over fresh berries
Mango & raspberry curries
Decaf coffee

Dinner course will be served with mini rolls and butter rosette
Grilled sea bass or halibut served with asparagus, lemon & radish
Assorted greens (Roman lettuce, Boston lettuce, radicchio over marinated cranberry, candy pecans & balsamic dressing)
Our special marinated brisket served with roasted red potato, assorted peppers, zucchini over chef's choice of sauce

Vegetarian Plate (Portabella mushroom with assorted grilled vegetables, roasted potato served with red pepper curry
Individual opera cakes served with special dry fruit & mango sauce
Decaf coffee & hot tea

Romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, parsley salad with lemon vinaigrette

Chef Alex's famous chicken sauteed in a vodka sauce accompanied with artichokes and garnished with tomatoes
served with
Pink rice
hearty green beans
Marinated carrots

Chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse, berries and mango & raspberry